Re: Rev 5:6 hESTHKOS hWS ESFAGMENON, say what?

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Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 14:18:22 EDT

On 18 Oct 97 at 8:12, Jonathan Robie <> wrote:

> In Rev 5:6, the phrase hESTHKOS hWS ESFAGMENON translates directly
> into the equally incomprehensible English as "standing as though it
> had been slain". How does one stand as though slain?

This phrase is quite difficult. hWS is later in Revelation replaced
with the article, indicating that hWS does not mean that he was not
slain. A slain lamb cannot normally _stand_, so the resurrection (cf
1,18) is assumed. Consequently, hWS ESFAGMENON means that although
the lamb is not dead anymore, it is still possible to see that it was
slain, cf. the John 20:25ff. Although Jesus was not at this time dead
any more, it was still possible to see that he was indeed crucified.
Cf. Charles, Commentary ad loc.

Is this of any help?

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