Re: Liddell-Scott-Jones-McKenzie-Glare: Bargain again!

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 19:11:03 EDT

Rolf asks:

I have the edition of 1968, 2042 pages plus supplement (ed E.A. Barber) 153
pages. Is the difference between the two editions so great that you suggest
I buy the new one?


This is not as clear-cut. For those who do not have the 1968 edition,
there is no question--for extra-NT reading in Greek, this is essential.

But for those who already possess the complete LSJM plus Barber's
Supplement, it depends on how heavily you use it. If one is in Classics, no
question at all--it is necessary. (Carl thought so, and bought it.)

For NT people:

The new Supplement by Glare is tremendously valuable, but can't be called
essential. Buying the Spplement alone is not very economical, since it
costs $65 ($52 on this sale)-- AND (here is the great advantage of buying
the whole thing) the new edition has a clear marker IN THE MAIN BODY OF
THE LEXICON next to every single word treated in the Supplement! With the
old Barber Supplement, one had to look in the Supplement every time a word
was examined, simply to discover WHETHER it was also in the Supplement.
Now, you know immediately whether there is more in Glare.

Myself, I had three complete 1968's, one in each of my offices (Harvard and
Wellesley) and one in my study at home. Since leaving Harvard, that copy
went into my library study. But I found (even with fewer years left to use
it) that I needed this new Supplement enough to buy the complete new
edition (and I gave away one of my 1968's to an OT colleague).

For most people on this List, my guess would be that the 1968 would be
adequate. Based on my reading of your many and carefully researched posts
to this List, Rolf, I'd say you probably ought to buy this one; put your
present copy in your second study-place, wherever that is.


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