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From: chris stanley (cstanley@3b2adm.mckendree.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 09:41:55 EDT

A few days ago, Mark Joseph asked about other sites for discussion of
biblical Greek or Classics. (I've lost the details--sorry!). The best
list that I know can be found in Patrick Durusau, High Places in
Cyberspace (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1996), which includes 30 pages
of annotated discussion of discussion lists, several of which might
pertain to Mark's interest. According to the cover, the book is
regularly updated at the TELA site (http://scholar.cc.emory.edu/
scripts/highplaces.html), though I've not taken the time to verify
how often this is done. Another source that might prove helpful is
Mark Kellner, God on the Internet (Foster City, CA: IDG Books, 1996).
I don't know how to purchase this vastly helpful book, but I've
ordered it via Interlibrary loan recently, so I know it's out there.
I've also looked at Quentin J. Schultze, Internet for Christians, rev.
ed. (Muskegon, MI: Gospel Films, 1996); Jim Gallagher, Modems and
Ministry (Lewisville, TX: Wisdom Research, 1994); and Jim Gallagher,
Christian Guide to the Internet (Lewisville, TX: Wisdom Research,
1994). I've been reviewing books for a course that I plan to teach
in the Spring called "Religion on the Internet." Does anyone have
any other books that I should consider? Thanks in advance.

Chris Stanley

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