Re: Puzzled on Inf. in Mk 2:15

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 11:24:51 EDT

At 10:07 AM -0500 10/21/97, Rod Decker wrote:
>How is the infinitive functioning here? From the flow of the context I want
>to translate the phrase as "and he was reclining"--but that doesn't fit any
>typical patterns of infinitive useage that I recall. I note that the NIV
>translates it temporally: "when he was reclining"--but I don't think of
>other infinitives used temporally without a preposition (META, EN, PRO,
>Any suggestions appreciated.

I've always understood this as a transposition into the present tense
(typically Marcan?) of the common LXX construction KAI EGENETO + acc.
subject + infinitive. I'd understand it idiomatically thus: "And it comes
to pass that he is reclining ..." (English translators always want to
translate this clear reference to ancient eating in a triclinium or the
like as "sit at table," which of course one can do, if it's preferred). At
any rate, that's the way I've always read this construction.

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