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Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 03:24:28 EDT

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>Nevertheless, it's always seemed curious to me
>that pictures of the last supper show Jesus and disciples actually seated
>at the table

I think that's because artists frequently painted historical scenes as though
they were occurring in their present (i.e., garb, housing styles, etc. were
often depicted in the style of their day) rather than trying to recreate what
these would have looked like in the actual historical setting. I think
probably the reason was, particularly in religious art, the desire on the
part of the artist to draw one's contemporaries into the scene. Those who
viewed the Last Supper would probably have identified with eating by sitting
at table more than by reclining on triclinia. Or maybe the artist just wasn't
familiar with the ancient arrangements

Rev. Craig R. Harmon

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