Re: Puzzled on Inf. in Mk 2:15

Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 12:09:44 EDT

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>But that doesn't answer my other curious
>question: why translators of the gospels have consistently translated
>ANAKLINESQAI and KATAKLINESQAI as "sit at table" when that is not what the
>verbs mean.

It is strange. The answer that comes immediately to mind is that basically
the same thing is being done in words as we see in renaissance art. Those who
translate the Bible recognize that the majority of those who will read their
translations are just plain folk who sit, not recline, at table, not Greek
scholars who know better (or would care, for that matter). Essentially, I
think they are trying to make the present day reader as "at home" in the
story as possible rather than trying to transport the reader back to an
unfamiliar time and place. In terms of interpreting and applying the message
of Mark to one's life, does it really matter if they sat at a table or
reclined on tricilia?

I wonder what these translators do with weight and measurement words. Do they
consistently translate them into modern equivalents, or transliterate the
Greek words and footnote them? If they transliterate and footnote these, then
why not translate "reclined" and footnote that as well?

Rev. Craig R. Harmon

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