B-Greek Bakeoff and Logo

From: Jonathan Robie (jwrobie@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 15:34:04 EDT

Well, we've tallied the results, and by a purely democratic process, the
logo that would win, by a few votes, is the one with the text "BIBLIA".
However, Carl, Edward, and I have discussed it, and we are concerned that
this might be confusing, since it would lead people to think the name of the
mailing list is "BIBLIA". After much discussion, we have decided to make a
proposal to the list, and see if we get any objections.

All the LOGOS, er, logos can be viewed at

We would like to use Logo19 as our logo - the one with the red border and
the text "EN ARCH HN hO L..." on it. If anybody objects to this, please send
me private email to let me know. Actually, there was one objection in an
earlier email from someone who thought it was dumb to have only part of a
text. My overly-facile response is that it may help us remember that EK
MEROUS GAR BLEPOMEN. (The true reason, of course, is that I couldn't fit
more text on without making it look ugly.)

At any rate: I propose that Logo19 should be the new B-Greek logo. Please
send me a private email if you have any objections to this, and state your



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