Re: Textual Criticism.

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 10:34:26 EDT

At 09:20 AM 10/23/97 -0400, Paul F. Evans wrote:

>I suspect that we will have to look harder at this issue in the future with
>the resurgence of support for the Maj. Text, and suspicions that some of
>its readings are older than the so called better texts.

Can you tell me more about this, Paul? What evidence is there for this?

>Arguments are
>surfacing that the reason for the existence of earlier examples of the
>Alexandrian text type might have as much to do with climate as to actual
>proximity to the original.

I'm quite ignorant of textual criticism, but if I recall, one of the other
significant arguments for the Alexandrian text type is that when the early
Fathers quote the New Testament, their quotes seem to come from the
Alexandrian text type. Is there any evidence that the Byzantine text type
was used and quoted in the early history of the church? (This is a question,
not an assertion, since I have no knowledge of these things.)


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