Re: AGAMOS in 1 Cor. 7

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Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 13:28:45 EDT

At 11:36 AM 10/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
of marriage and divorce.
> I still maintain that the meaning of AGAMOS has not been
>definitively established in 1Cor. 7:8, 32 and 34, although some evidence
>points to a meaning of "previously, but not presently married." My concern
>is that we should proceed cautiously and not jump to conclusions on this
>matter that affects how we view the bond of marriage.
>David L. Moore

On what basis would you draw such an anology? Are you suggesting that the
alpha privative connotes something like you suggest? If so, then what do
you do with a-theist? Once they had a god, but now they don't? What about
the other alpha privatives?

The alpha privative serves the same function in Greek that "un" serves in
english. Thus agamos means "un-married".


Jim West

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