Re: AGAMOS in 1 Cor. 7

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Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 09:42:16 EDT

At 01:44 AM 10/10/97 -0400, A. Brent Hudson wrote:

>We must determine a word's meaning based on its usage at the time. Jim
>West used the word 'atheist' as an example of alpha privative, but a
>similar word, 'agnostic', points in a different direction. Based on its
>component parts, it would mean "un-knowing" but it's general usage points
>us to a more specific meaning: "un-knowing as to the existence of God".
>Alpha privative surely is everything Jim says it is in most cases; however,
>words can develop beyond the meanings of their constituent parts and
>perhaps this is the case with AGAMOS.

        I did give some thought to trying to come up with an example like
that and even paged through some of the dictionary under "A". I knew there
must be some word that would illustrate the precedence of *usage* over
component parts. Hats off to Brent for a very pertinent illustration.

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