Re: AGAMOS in 1 Cor. 7

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 00:00:12 EDT

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Ward Powers wrote:

> At 09:19 97/10/20 -0500, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
> >
> >On Mon, 20 Oct 1997, Ward Powers wrote:
> >>
> >> Is anyone out there actually engaged in or planning to undertake this
> >> proposed checking of classical usage with a TLG search?
> >>
> >> It would be a shame (it seems to me) to let this thread lapse with such an
> >> important and relevant piece of information missing from it. But more than
> >> a week has passed now (am I too impatient?) and nothing more has been said.
> >>
> >It just so happens that through the kindness of Bob Jewett, I have the
> >TLG at my disposal. So I'll run a search today and try to post it to the
> >list as quickly as possible.
> >
> >Jeffrey Gibson
> >
> Jeffrey,
> Thank you.
> I look forward to your further contribution on this most valuable point in
> due course.

Ward, I've donte the search, with a considerable number of "hits" as a
result. But the software I'm using (Silver Mountain) is not the most user
friendly I've ever encounterd, and it seems that when I save the text of
the hits to a format (Word Perfect) that I can then transliterate and send
via my server to the list, that downloaded text is always absent the text
references. And to download the references of the "hits", I have to save
each subsection (that is, hits attributed to a particular author) one by
one in a rather convoluted process. It's all very frustrating. (John
Baima, if you're out there -- what am I doing wrong?)

Time is tight for me right now until after the week end. So please be
patient with me, and I'll get these off to you and the list at the
beginning of next week. There are a number of instances in Plutarch, by
the way, which look promising for the previous discussion on usage.

Jeffrey Gibson

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