Re: Translation, Anglophiles and Ancient Texts

Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 06:40:38 EDT

Hope this does not sound sarcastic. It seems to me that in some cases the
"endlessness" of the debate is indicative if its non-triviality and of the
interest it generates. There have been a few occasions in business when
someone has observed that we have been wasting time & meetings on a
particular topic. I've smiled broadly & said, "I'm sure glad you're here.
 Just give us the right answer and we can avoid yet more meetings!"

So please, if you know what the "correct" English (or other Mother tongue)
word is, just tell us & the rest of us won't have to flounder about trying to
debate what it should be.

David Jambor
BA Classical Languages & Literature
MD Global Business Development
PICO Europe
Solihull, UK

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