Re: Re: Fw: Sentence structure or construction!

Date: Sat Oct 18 1997 - 15:35:21 EDT

Brother Paul
In a message dated 10/18/97 4:12:48 PM, you wrote:

>and I for one will try not to be a nuisance!

It was not a nuisance, I assure you. I was very much afraid that my letter
back would sound like a put down and I'm sorry if it did. What I was trying
to communicate was that I was affraid that I wasn't really understanding the
question and giving a bunch of info that was irrelevant to your question.

>Now your answer is precisely what I wanted to know.

I'm very glad to have helped. (But please read my self-rebuttal post entitled
"Call me BARBAROS" where I correct my own error)

>Any other insights from the list in this area would be greatly appreciated!
>(If it is not considered a total waste of time.)

It is not a waste of time; it's what we *exist* for.

Rev. Craig R. Harmon

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