Re: B-Greek Survey Report: some brief comments

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 21:44:14 EDT

At 08:17 PM 10/20/97 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>>--archive not up to date;
>I'm hoping we can get to this soon. List-members should realize that
>maintenance of the archive is a labor of love performed for us by Jonathan;
>he has been very busy lately and is now in the process of changing jobs. Be
>patient on this one and perhaps we'll get the archives since mid-June up.
>Note however, that there are several years of good material there and that
>there's a search engine that will help you find earlier discussions on
>texts and subjects you're particularly curious about.
I would like to apologize for not keeping the archives up to date - I had
not intended to let this go for quite so long. At the end of the week, I am
leaving my current job, and taking a few weeks off before I go on to the
next job. In between, I will be spending some time getting the archives up
to date. I will also restore the automatic archiving (which broke when
SunSITE added some very necessary security precautions).

But I should also mention that I will probably tend not to be too
obsessive-compulsive about my webmaster duties at times like this when I'm
feeling chronologically bankrupt ;->


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