Re: Textual Criticism: A Caution

From: Ward Powers (
Date: Sat Oct 25 1997 - 00:29:04 EDT

At 08:35 97/10/24 -0400, Randy Leedy wrote:

>I wonder if perhaps at times the sentiments of list members might
>override the letter of the B-Greek Law. I am intensely interested in
>the Textual Criticism discussion that was developing, and I was very
>disappointed at the prospect that the only way I might hear more is
>to join another list and have to sort through a mass of arcana that
>I'd rather avoid. I, for one, would like to see this discussion
>continue here as long as it stays within bounds of decency and, by
>virtue of its nature as very general rather than specific, meets a
>Greek-related need not easily met elsewhere. Yes, I can buy the books
>and spend hours working through them (as I have already done with
>Metzger), which is something I need to do at any rate. But this was
>shaping up to be a very helpful introduction and overview of the
>current state of the question. May we reconsider?

To fellow b-greekers and The Powers That Be:

I was quite comfortable with the Textual Criticism discussion, and did not
feel that it needed to be expurgated from the list. I sensed that some
people were finding it profitable, and, after all, those who did not could
easily skip it and delete it.

I take note of Randy's cogently put points, and I support him is
rcommending that this discussion be approved to continue on-list.


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