Correction (typo/transl.) to BDF

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 15:27:02 EDT

I just ran across a note regarding a typo in the German ed. of BDF that has
been translated without correction in the English edition; those who have a
copy may want to mark the passage accordingly.

Sect. 423, first paragraph of the small print section (= p. 218, col. 2,

Next to last line of that parag. now reads:
 ...except for 4:35, 16:2, it is always in postposition...

Change "always" to "never" (a slight change in meaning!).

The German edition contained a typo:
"...ausser 4:35, 16:2 immer nachgestellt..."

It should have read: "nimmer" instead of "immer." (The difference one
letter can make...!)

This ref. I picked up from Lars Hartman, "Participial Constructions in the
Synoptic Gospels," *Testimonium Linguae*, Coniectanea Neotestamentica, 19
(1963): 21 n. 1.

The gist of the comment, BTW, is that genitive absolutes almost always
stand at the beginning of the sentence; the 2 refs. above are the only exs.
in Mark where that is not true.


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