Glad to be be back

Date: Sun Oct 26 1997 - 15:01:27 EST

1. Gentlemen (and ladies??)

After retiring from Motorola after 26 years, I have taken some time to get
settled and restart B-Greek from home. I missed the erudition, and the
scholarship which I usually had to participate in vicariously. I had
envisioned a monastic existence dedicated to learning/study (not always the
same) pursuing a MA which had always eluded me due to frequent travel. And so
it was until my money ran out! So now I am doing my MA (History) part-time
and was inveighed upon to join an engineering firm as VP, started my own
consulting corp. and was accepted for MA prog. w/o ben. of BA (after much
testing and a couple of trial MA courses, they agreed I had given myself a BA
level education). Still no Greek courses at school, but I am lobbying for
such; Greek and/or Latin (at least a semester or two of each) should be made
a requirement for all History students.

I have three questions for the group:

Are there any out-of-work Greek (Attic or Koinh) teachers (or those who are
qualified, but teaching something else) in Chicago area on list. I was just
at a wonderful Byzantine Studies Symposion in Madison, Wi. and was surprised
and saddened to learn the real meaning of the "independant scholar" tags too
many learned professors were wearing, which leads to.....

How much does it take to endow a chair (at least partially) in say, Greek LL
and Byzantine History?

There is/was a Greek teacher and textbook author in Australia on the list
whose address I need (or email); I need to send him something, but lost his
info when I packed up my office, and still can't find it. Any clues??

Finally, greetings to all. I was especially pleased to find, as my first
list mail in almost a year, the beautifully stated and thoughtful vision and
mission statement (in the current jargon) of the justification and meaning of
teachers, passing the torch of learning and joy of same on to posterity. Its
very gloomy out here just now, and society needs all the illumination
(linguistic and faith alike) it can get from such scholars as yourselves.

Best Regards,

Karl Schulte

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