Re: Liddell and Scott Supplement Question

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sun Oct 26 1997 - 20:11:15 EST

>The new LSJ Supplement has a new entry for PRWTOKTISTOS. It refer to the
>scholia to Euripides' Phoenissae, but the TLG and LCL texts do not use this
>word. Does anyone know which manuscripts the LSJ Supplement compilers used
>for this entry, and, if so, what are the dates of the mss?
>Greg Stafford
>University of Wisconsin

I presume that it would be one of the two editions cited on p. xxiv of the
9th ed. (not the supplement). There is a 4 vol. ed ot the scholia by W.
Dindorf ()xford, 1963) and a two volume edition by Eduard Schwarz (Berlin,
1887, 1892).

Scholia are notoriously difficult to date, since they are often added
between the lines or in the margins of manuscripts. The editors gather them
from all over the place. The only guide to dating is paleography--if one is
certain that they are not also copied form an earlier MS.

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