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>At 01:49 PM 10/27/97 +0000, Clayton Bartholomew wrote:
>>In Acts 7:46 OIKWi (Alpeh* B D H) is the more difficult
>>reading. Most of the other witnesses have QEW which
>>makes more sense. Metzger's commentary has a full page
>>of discussion for this variant which is worth reading. I
>>found one aspect of this discussion most intriguing. Some
>>textual scholars decided that OIKWi was *too difficult* a
>>reading and resorted to conjectural emendation. Is this not
>>an extreme course of action when treating an ancient text
>>which has thousands of witnesses?
>>Here is my question for the members of b-greek:
>>If we accept OIKWi as the original reading then how should
>>the passage be understood?
>>Clay Bartholomew
>>Three Tree Point
>It seems to me--Either reading one accepts on text-critical grounds makes
>good sense. The difference between the two reading is not that great when
>the context of 2 Sam. 7 is taken into consideration. A dwelling for the
>God of Jacob is certainly a temple for God to dwell in, and a dwelling for
>the house of Jacob means a dwelling for God to be used by the house of Jacob.

        Since IAKWB is indeclinable, we are not limited to a genitive sense.
If one takes the article of TWi OIKWi as anaphoric, IAKWB could be taken as
a locative use of the dative to the effect that David asked to find a
dwelling-place for His house in Jacob (i.e. in Israel).

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