Re: Voice and Morphology (was hHKW/hHKASIN)

From: Don Wilkins (
Date: Fri Oct 24 1997 - 15:27:03 EDT

At 03:10 PM 10/23/97 +1000, Ward Powers wrote:
>The first thing we need to note is that every Greek verb has four
>subsystems, one related to time (the future, without inherent aspect), and
>the other three to aspect. I hope it is safe to say this without
>reawakening the long-running aspect debate.....

As usual, I apologize for jumping onto the raft halfway through the trip,
but I feel compelled to respond. Ward, I respect your opinion and would
fight for your right to disseminate it, but I doubt that you perceive the
troublesome implications of the statement above. You basically state or
restate a controversial theory, build a system around it, and then let slip
a subtle hint that those of us who disagree with the theory ought not to
protest your approach for fear of rekindling a debate that was put to bed
some time ago without resolution (other than the fact that most of us who
were interested agreed to disagree). Now I did have a look at the results of
the b-greek survey and have no more desire than you to reopen the debate,
but please be a little more careful about what is factual and what is merely
theoretical. For that matter, my experience has been that there are several
different ways that the Greek verb can be analyzed and categorized even
within a given syndrome of presuppositions. So please do tell us how you
believe the verb should be handled, but please acknowledge differences of
opinion up front (a simple "I am taking the liberty of presupposing
such-and-such an approach to tense and aspect" would do), or else don't
attempt to make villains out of those of us who might be forced--*very*
reluctantly--to resurrect parts of the previous debate merely in response to
your comments. I don't think you really mean to put us in that position, so
a little more foresight on your part would be appreciated.

Don Wilkins

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