Re: Voice and Morphology (was hHKW/hHKASIN)

From: Don Wilkins (
Date: Sun Oct 26 1997 - 17:41:52 EST

At 07:44 AM 10/26/97 +0000, John M. Moe wrote:
... I, for one, have learned a great deal from Dr. Power's long posts and I much
>appreciate his taking the time to put together such clear and cogently stated
>posts on what are extremely complex points of discussion. That may be
because I
>am not at the advanced level of understanding Greek that you and others on this
>list are, but I did want you to know that his posts are not too long for
some of
>us to read, reread, and even save for future reference. The delete key is
>an option.
> Your dispute with him seems, to this outsider at least, almost
personal, and
>not really all that helpful to the whole list. I may well be wrong and will
>gladly defer to your judgment, but I wonder if it might not be better
carried on
>off list. Either way I'll not get too excited. I can use the delete key too.

Jon, I am in your debt for pointing out to me that there are some (maybe
even a majority) of readers who like the long posts, and I'll certainly
refrain from further comment on that. I am also indebted to you for comments
about my "dispute". I felt that Ward's comments (which I cited) were an
unintentional slam against the postion I and others advocate, and that's how
I treated it. My apologies to the list if I seemed to be taking Ward's
comments too personally. You do note, though, that Ward wanted me to respond
to several points, and I hope that you were not so put off by the tone of my
response that you ignored what I was saying. I will certainly take your
suggestions to heart and refrain from commenting further on the discussion,
unless I am asked to do so.

Don Wilkins

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