From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 12:09:26 EST

At 10:51 AM 10/28/97 -0500, Paul F. Evans wrote:
>I am totally unaware of this problem and you are the first to have drawn
>this to my attention. I am not sending any attachments consciously. If
>indeed this is occurring I have no idea why. Is anyone else experiencing
>this difficulty with my mailings and if so, could one of our computer
>guru's give me some guidance? Please! Meanwhile, I will look at my config.

The attachment is an HTML encoding of your mail message - your message
appears once as text, then again as an HTML attachment. I don't know your
mailer. Your headers say that you are using Microsoft Internet Mail. If you
can search in your help system for HTML, it will probably tell you how to
turn that off.


Jonathan Robie

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