RE: Erasmus (Was: Little Greek Guide to Learning New Testament Greek)

From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 13:28:23 EST

Jonathan wrote:

> Note: I agree with all of this. But he is STILL a medieval monk!

Personally, saying that Erasmus was a medieval monk is stretching it. My history books state that he was engaged in the monastic life for only six years and left it 1492. He went to College de Montaigu in 1494. He made is mark on the world in the 1500's (1516 for his NT). I consider Erasmus a devout Christian scholar, even though he is generally called "the Prince of the Humanists" (using the word in its best sense). More than one historian has called him "the greatest classical scholar of the age." Either way, he was not 'medieval' and was much more than a 'monk.' Perhaps you could drop "medieval monk" and give him credit for producing the first edition of the GNT.

Brent Hudson

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