Re: Mt 28:19a, attendant circumstantial partic.

From: Don Wilkins (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 14:00:51 EST

At 11:27 PM 10/28/97 EST, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>Here is the follow-up attendant circumstantial participle discussion
>started earlier. In Wallace's grammar, "Beyond the Basics," he says:
> "2. Attendant Circumstance: translate as finite verb + and (it
> an action that, in some sense, is coordinate with the finite
> "piggy-backs" on mood of main verb); five structural clues
> found:
> - tense of participle: aorist
> - tense of main verb: aorist
> - mood of main verb: imperative or indicative
> - participle precedes the main verb (both in word
> order and time of event)
> - frequent in narrative, infrequent elsewhere" (p. 759)
>POREUQENTES in Mt 28:19a looks like a candidate.

This is just a point of definition, but I would give this use of the
participle a distinct name and reserve "attendant circumstance" for the
"drip pan" concept, i.e. when you don't see a way to categorize the
participle more specifically.

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