Re: Re: Little Greek Guide to Learning New Testament Greek

Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 12:50:12 EST

        I must have missed something (aol's emailer collapsed yesterday); where is
the "Little Greek Guide to Learning New Testament Greek"? Sounds great!

        Also, on the subject of Erasmus, we should remember that there was a time
when "monk" was a title of respect and importance among many and not merely
descriptive, much less a put down, particularly in Erasmus' case, who always
held to his orders. This what cwconrad is sort of pointing to, I think.
 Probably "Medieval" could be dropped, not because someone might suppose that
Erasmus thought of himself as "Renaissance-ish" in our eyes but because the
label "medieval" says more about "us" than about "them."

Guy Story Brown, Dallas

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