Re. Graeca/WinGreek/SoWG fonts on the Mac

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 14:38:52 EST

>What keyboard utilities do you use for Graeca/WinGreek/SoWG fonts on the
>Mac? They all use the same encoding scheme, so if you can encode one of
>them, you can encode them all. But I don't know how to encode any of
>them...Ralph Hancock has a Word template that works with WinGreek and Son of
>WinGreek, at least for Windows 95. Does this also work on the Mac?

Hopefully this won't be perceived by some as a superior "put-down"--but on
a Mac no such thing is needed. One simply selects whatever Greek font one
likes and commences typing. *All* the characters are immediately accessible
from the keyboard without any need to use any sort of utility--and that
includes the "upper ASCII" characters as well. In the Graeca font (which is
one of the most complete Greek fonts; it includes all the text-critical
symbols from NA27) one has four characters per key (reg., shifted, option,
and option/shift positions, which totals about 200 characters) plus another
30+ characters (the more esoteric ones) that are produced with a 2-stroke
entry. The Mac's font capabilities for biblical studies are why I spent
nearly $4,000 on a Mac system 12 years ago (and that with only 512K of RAM
& a 400K floppy!)--it was the only computer available at the time (and for
a long time afterwards) that could do Greek and Hebrew. Even when Windows
3.1 finally enabled the use of TrueType fonts, there is still no parity is
this area. (And then when you add in the availability of Accordance...only
on the Mac...!) Sorry! :(


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