Re: Exegetical Greek by Wallace

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 06:03:45 EDT

>I see from the CBD catalog that Dan Wallace's Grammar is being sold for a
>good price with another edition coming out (to replace it?) soon. Is anyone
>familiar with the situation enough to say if the first one is worth the
>purchace or should I skip it and buy the second edition for my library?

The only significant diff. is that the 2d edition has added a subject
index. The content of the grammar has not changed. 2d ed. is avail. now; I
suspect that CBD bought Zondervan's leftovers from the first edition. If
it's an exceptionally good price, by all means buy it. If it's only a few
dollars more for 2d ed., the index will be worth the diff. in usability.


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