AGAMOS in the varia and incertum lists

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 09:18:15 EST

I just did a TLG search for AGAMO/AGAMW in the section of the canon labeled
Varia and Incertum. And below is what I turned up. For consideration as
generally contemporaneous with Paul are the instances in 4 Macc. and
(probaly) the Greek Anthology. The instances in the Scholia are much more
difficult to date. But even if they are beyond the time period under
consideration, they still might be worth a look.

Jeffrey Gibson

Lyrica Adespota, CA
 Fragmenta lyrica 6.13

 Ma4 16.9.2

Vitae Homeri
  Vita Herodotea 344

Scholia in Aeschylus
 Scholia in Eumenides 69a.2; 69b.1; 69.1; 69.1

Scholia in Euripides
  Scholia in Euripi Orestes 108.1; 108.1; 200.4; 200.6; 200.7;
  Scholia in Euripi Alc. 887.1; 206 msi.2; 206 msi.4

Scholia in Hesiodum
  Scholia in Works and Days 695698.14; 693.12

Scholia in Homerum
  Scholia in Iliad 3.42a.5; 10.41920c.3
  Scholia in Odyssey 3.401.2; 20.66.13

Scholia in Sophocles
 Scholia in Oed. Tyr. mos 1213-14.2; mos 1502.1; plan.
1501-02.3; thom. 1214-15.7; thom. 1214-15.8

Anthologia Graeca
 AG 9.362.25
 AG 9.446.5
 AG 11.388.1

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