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Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 15:56:31 EST

At 2:07 PM -0600 10/30/97, Troy de Jongh wrote:
>Jonathan Robie writes:
>> At 02:04 PM 10/30/97 -0700, #porson , wrote:
>> >Perhaps the old Dutchman has left a word or two for his detractors:
>> >
>> >...Tot enim undique stultitiae formis abundat, tot in dies novas
>> >comminiscitur, ut nec mille Democriti ad tantos risus suffecerint;
>> >quamquam illis ipsis Democritis rursum alio Democrito foret opus...
>> Maybe so, but he didn't leave that word in a language that I can read.
>> Jonathan
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>And for that "old Dutchman", that certainly isn't very good
>Dutch! (wink, wink) :-)

For (our era?) is so deluged with kinds of folly everywhere, so many new
ones does it invent with the dawning of every new day, that not even a
thousand Democrituses could supply the laughter in the quantity it calls
for; in fact, those very (1,000) Democrituses would in turn have need of
yet another Democritus ... This is, I take it, from Erasmus' _Praise of
Folly_, which I haven't read in a long time. Thanks. And thanks to all who
have spoken a good word for Erasmus' services to us as readers of the GNT.
I very much approve of the "Authorized Version" of the footnote to
Jonathan's page on Greek pronunciation.

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