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Date: Sat Nov 29 1997 - 06:10:40 EST

Took a look at A. Plummer on this issue and was kind of annoyed by the way the
textual issue was just waved aside. I am assuming that the word order in
the TR and D which places hAGION before HN would have some bearing on this

**change of subject**

For those of you who are intrigued by textual minutia I have used this variant
as a test case to show where one might go for detailed textual information.
The following is a list of sources in my library which do and do not contain
this variant.

This Variant *was* cited in: A.B. Bruce (Expositor's GNT), Henry Alford (1877
ed.), F. Godet.

This Variant *was not* cited in: UBS3, NA27, Hodges & Farstad (omitted
reference to D), A. Plummer, H.A.W. Meyer.

This points out one good reason not to feed the Expositor's GNT to your dog
(who probably wouldn't eat it anyway).

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