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Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 06:35:05 EST

At 5:09 AM -0600 11/30/97, Rick Strelan wrote:
>Just along another line: it seems reasonable to me to distinguish between
>the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit to the point where one could almost
>say the Spirit of God gives the spirit of holiness. This helps somewhat, I
>think, to make sense of Apollos, and of the Ephesian twelve in Acts 19 who
>did not know there was a spirit of holiness (of course they knew there was
>the Spirit of God). Is that what Theophylactus of Bulgaria was on about
>many moons ago when he said: ALLO DE ESTI TO ZEEIN TWi PNEUMATI KAI ALLO TO
>How does one understand the genitive of Acts 2:38: THN DWREAN TOU hAGIOU
>Just a thought.

Good question: TOU hAGIOU PNEUMATOS could be either subjective or objective
here. In the context, however, I don't think it is either but rather a
genitive of apposition or definition: "the gift, which is to say, the Holy

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