Re: Gospel of Thomas, logion 10

From: LISATI A (
Date: Sat Dec 06 1997 - 03:50:49 EST

dear Jane,
     You could find a retro-translation (into Greek) of The Gospel of Thomas
in Rodolphe Kasser's L'Evangile selon Thomas (Neuchatel, 1961). You could
also compare the Coptic of logion 10 with the Coptic of Luke 12. 49 with
regard to the phrase "cast fire upon the earth", in George Horner's editions
of the two major
Coptic dialects: The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern
(Southern) Dialect (Oxford, 1896,1911). They are probably very close to
Logion 10, with some orthographic differences. The saying in Thomas is openly
apocalyptic, which is a bit surprising to some people.
     best wishes, richard arthur Merrimack, NH

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