Re: Ephesians 1:11,14

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Sat Dec 13 1997 - 17:01:37 EST

Paul Dixon, in his response to Jim Beale, has noticed an amazing oversight
in the editing and apparatus of the UBS GNT. He points out:

<<<The first question I have is whether the text is EKLNRWQHMEN or
EKLHQHMEN. I was surprised to find the UBS (3rd ed.) did not even
have this in the critical apparatus and, of course, neither would the
majority text or the TR. The Nestle text, however, shows that several
manuscripts (A, D, F, G), at least two of which (A, D) are from some of
the earliest manuscripts and from different text families (Alexandrian
and Western), support the EKLHQHMEN reading. Metzger, of course, says
nothing about this textual problem (at least, not in the 3rd ed of his
textual commentary, inasmuch as the 3rd ed of the UBS does not note it).
I also note that hardly anybody I checked out even considers the reading.
Hmm, what's going on here? .......<snip>......
We can certainly understand why and how the EKLHQHMEN reading crept in,
if it is not original.. Yet, the external support for the reading
indicates it very well might be original. If so, it would make
sense and would greatly help to alleviate the problems you address.>>>

I call it an amazing oversight (which I had never noticed, either!),
inasmuch as it not only (a) has some good MSS. support, and (b) makes good
sense (both of which Paul mentions), but (c) it IS noted in most other
pocket editions of the Greek text of the NT, including Tischendorf's
"Minor" one-volume 8th ed., not to speak of Nestle editions since
WAY back (including 4th and 16th-though-27th editions), and BFBS editions
(including the Kilpatrick-edited 2nd edition), AND (d) the reading was
adopted by both the New International Version and the New American Bible
(official Roman Catholic translation is America).

UBS-GNT claims they include all variants which would affect translation.
So why not this one? It certainly does affect translation.

Thanks to Paul for discovering this omission. (I wouldn't have, since,
like Carl, I find this long opening super-sentence too stupefying to
seem worth the gymnastics to decode its Greek [did I say Greek?].)

Edward Hobbs

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