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>>Is it possible for a Bible translation to be THEOPNEUSTOS or is it only
>>possible that the original words penned by the writers of the New
>>Testament could be so? Please give your reasons why or why not.
>This is much too broad a question to answer meaningfully - what do you mean
>by THEOPNEUSTOS? I doubt very much that the original writer was thinking in
>terms of translations of the Bible that would be made 1600 or more years
>after he penned those words; in fact, the context suggests that the writer
>was talking of the Old Testament scriptures.

I agree with you to a certain extent, but the question is not, as I read it,
is the King James Version perfect or even THEOPNEUSTOS? It is, to what does
THEOPNEUSTOS apply: to the original works (i.e., autographs of the scriptures,
whether O.T. or N.T., which I doubt Timothy had access to and which I'm
certain that we do not) in their original languages only; or may THEOPNEUSTOS
extend to translations in other languages (the LXX for example)? The question
of whether Paul envisioned the KJV, however absurd it may sound to even ask,
is moot. If it may apply to subsequent copies in the original languages (I'm
not saying that it does, only asking "Mayn't it?"), why not to translations?
And if it may apply to translations, why not to the KJV (or any other
translation where faithful to the intent of the original).

I have no ax to grind here. In my oppinion, QHEOPNEUSTOS applied to the
process whereby the prophet of God communicated the thoughts of God in the
original MSS only. I certainly don't think that the KJV is a perfect
translation. But the question relates to the meaning of QHEOPNEUSTOS within
the context of 2 Tim 3:16. Kept to that narrow question, why should it be out
of bounds to explore on b-greek? The fact that this question may lead to out
of bounds discussion should not, in my opinion, place the question out of

Just my opinion.

God bless,
Rev. Craig R. Harmon.

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