Re: What's for DEIPNW?

From: Jim West (
Date: Sat Jan 10 1998 - 11:25:16 EST

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> Here is the question I have for the Greeks. Does "DEIPNON" imply time?
>The Barbarian

Well, Mr. B., according to the dearly departed Herrn Behm, deipnon, in its
everyday sense, means "meal", or "chief meal" or "feast".
In the Hellenistic literature of the NT era, deipnon was used to describe
any kind of cultic meal.
I think it would be safe to assure your friend that the greek would can be
translated "meal" as well as "supper".
Thus, I would say, if your chief meal is lunch- that is your deipnon.



Jim West, ThD
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