Update to Greek Lang. & Ling. Gateway

From: Micheal Palmer (mwpalmer@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 00:24:28 EST

I have just uploaded a revised version of the Greek Language & Linguistics
Gateway. In response to several recent requests for information about Greek
manuscripts on the web I have created a new page providing links to the
manuscript collections at Brown University, Duke, U of Michigan and several
others. To see these links, log onto the Greek Language & Linguistics
Gateway, then choose the 'Manuscripts and Textual Criticism' option.

I hope you find this addition useful. The URL for the Greek Language &
Linguistics Gateway is in the footer at the end of this note.

Micheal W. Palmer mwpalmer@earthlink.net
Religion & Philosophy
Meredith College

Visit the Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway at
You can also access my online bibliography of Greek Linguistics at

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