From: Peter Phillips (
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 03:47:10 EST

"Why did the hedgehog cross the road?"
"I don;t know, why did the hedgehog cross the road?"
"To see his flat mate?"

Is it true that in ancient societies hedgehogs were actually a lot flatter
than they are today?

Or is it just the case that modern humanity has lost its sense of humour
all of a sudden. Please, please, please, let's not try to destroy Jesus'
joke by our overwhelming rationality!!!

Pete Phillips

From: John Pass []
Sent: 03 February 1998 22:40
Subject: Re: KAMIILON


   Please forgive me for saying something I have not personally
researched: Wasn't it a custom in those days, after the gates
of a city had been closed, to let in travelers/merchants through
a smaller gate/door in the wall for security reasons. Thereby,
forcing a loaded camel to unload and bend beneath the door frame
And the saying 'eye of a needle' became synonymous with this doorway.
This, if true, would support the camel definition. I cannot remember
my source for this as it was sometime ago.


   John Pass
   Biblical Greek student.

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