Keystone Apostles [was: KAMIILON]

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 11:24:45 EST

Peter Phillips wrote:
> You see it's evidently only us Brits who understand Jesus humour :>)

Granted, we've wandered pretty far afield but...

On the topic of NT humor, I've always wondered if there was any comedic
intent in the presence of the Apostles (i.e. as a group).

I understand that a lot of this is anachronistic projection from
having seen a lifetime of slapstick and adventure movies. But --even
given that-- it's hard not to see many of the scenes involving The
Twelve as their fulfilling the stock role of "The Comedy Sidekick to
the Hero". Especially when it comes to their general, almost
unbelievable "cluelessness".

Probably the best example is the famous story of Jesus' warning the
Apostles to beware "the leavening of the Pharisees". What is the
Apostles' reaction? "He mad's at us because we didn't bring enough

One can almost see Jesus slowly putting his head in his hands and

While interactions with the individual disciples are quite another
thing, many --if not most-- of the actions of "The Apostle" as a unit
are, if not outright targets for ridicule, certainly not meant as
role-models for the believer. It's hard not see some of this as
(intentional?) humor.

Many commentators have, of course, noted the similarity of the Twelve
under Jesus to the Twelve Tribes under Moses. Here too, the Tribes
repeated demonstrate a shared, equally thick-headed nature.

I mean, here's Moses, right. He --as the agent of the Lord-- has in the
recent past rained the plagues down on Egypt; forced Pharoh to free the
Israelites; parted the Red Sea and destoryed the greatest army in the
world; miraculously fed the tribes in the desert; and has now gone up the
mountain to face the Lord Himself.

How do the Tribes reacted the moment Moses is out of sight? They
start building the Golden Calf.



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