greek dictionary, corpora etc.

From: john bouchlis (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 17:33:26 EST


I am looking for English-Greek dictionaries
(preferably in simple text file form;I am aware of CD-ROM products, but
they are not what I need),
corpora, machine translation programs and any other resources.

I am working on a machine translation program from English into modern
based on Windows 95.

Could you please mention the e-mail addresses of any researchers you might
know that
are doing similar work with Greek?

Any help is appreciated!


John Bouchlis

P.S. I am a US citizen, currently staying in Greece, trying to finish my
machine translation program from English into modern Greek
and market it in Greece, (possibly) with the help of some Greek software
Do you think such a program might have a wide audience outside of Greece?

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