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From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 06:46:32 EST

Here's another item from yesterday's Classics List (you will realize, of
course, that I'm reading that in digest form!) that should be of interest
to our list-members (no doubt Rod Decker and Micheal Palmer already know of
I am pleased to announce three new features accessible through the Leiden
University Classics Department web-page

--- A Bibliography of Greek Linguistics. An extensive bibliography,
conveniently subdivided into main categories (including, i.a., Clause
types, Tense/Aspect, Particles, Pragmatics, etc.). Maintained by Michel
The other new features there can be found by those interested, but they are
more distinctly Classics-oriented, of course.

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