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Date: Sat Feb 07 1998 - 05:44:14 EST

At 09:28 98/02/06 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:

>At 07:58 PM 5 Feb 1998, Ward Powers wrote:
>>The date 11/9/96 will mean either 11th September or 9th November, depending
>>what part of the world a person comes from and what he is used to.
>>Could I make the suggestion, in the interests of avoiding ambiguity and
>>having to work out what date is meant, that on b-greek we might adopt the
>>convention of writing the date as yymmdd (year/year/month/month/day/day).
>>Thus 11th September 1996 would be 960911, and 9th November would be 961109.

>On B-Greek, we've avoided regulating even such simple things as the
>transcription scheme for Greek. I doubt that we'll regulate dates.

Dear Jonathan,

I have been on b-greek for quite some time now, and have certainly learnt
that there is no way you can regulate what list members will do in regard
to any issue at all whatsoever.

As your quote (above) from my post shows, I made a suggestion, in the
interests of avoiding ambiguity, with the thought in mind that it may
perhaps commend itself to some list members on the basis of its own good
sense and inner logic.

And to Peter Phillips, who wants to know what this has to do with b-greek
anyway: from time to time members of b-greek refer to dates, and my
original post was sent in response to one occasion when the format of a
date was ambiguous.



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