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Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 16:24:38 EST

At 04:06 PM 2/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I usually monitor the discussion on the list but Jim west comments on nt humor
>moved me to enter the doscussion.

Well thats good!!! The more participation, the better for us all. But
"monitor"? thats a little unclear. Does that mean you censor or that you
merely observe?

>Jim West's presupposition that there was an "historical Jesus " different from
>the one we have recorded, and he is is lost to us because of the writers and
>editors of the nt strikes me as funny .

Why? When you were in grad school surely you discussed such issues? The
"Quest" for the historical Jesus is at least a century old; yet comments are
constantly made as though the whole endeavor were some sort of new fangled idea.

>If not the Jesus of the scripture what
>other Jesus do we have?

Thats just the point of the whole effort to rediscover who Jesus really was;
what he really said; and what he really did.

>and the doctrine of inspiration argues that the nt
>gives accurate representation of that same individual. I don't want to start a
>theological debate but i had to respond.

Well the doctrine of inspiration is a theolgical dogma and quite out of
place on an academic list; but the historical Jesus is a subject of academic
interest well suited to a discussion of the NT and its literature- for
hardly a soul would argue that the center of the NT is not Jesus.

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