Re: nt humor

From: Arthur Barry (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 02:15:53 EST

Jim West wrote:
> granted the possibility exists that Jesus had a sense of humor, it is
> impossible to recover such because the writers and editors of the nt have so
> obliterated the historical jesus that he is no longer recoverable. that
> goes for his sense of humor as well- unfortunately.

Well, even though I made an honest attempt to unsubscribe, I suppose it
is my own fault for continuing to read this drivel about Jesus' humour.
Maybe the historical Jesus is lost to some of you pompous academics but
there are still those of us to whom the WORD is more than just a matter
of good grammar or bad grammar - it is a matter of life or death! It is
living and active. If Jesus sighed with his head in his hands I doubt
that it was because the apostles did not get the joke. It was because
they failed to grasp the historical reality of His presence. The
historical Jesus is not lost. It is we who are lost when we close our
hearts to the true meaning of His Word.

I apologize for indiscriminately "tarring" but I honestly believe that
this list is an offense to God and a hindrance to His work of redemption
in Christ.

I leave you gentlemen to your syntactical delights and the cravings of
intellectual gluttony.

Arthur Barry

P.S. Will this get me unsubscribed or do I have to try again myself?

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