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> I can't quite picture this. A voice comes from the throne, telling us
> to give praise to God. This voice can't be God, the one who is seated
> on the throne. But who else could speak APO TOU QRONOU? I mean, that's
> kind of like Dad's armchair, isn't it? Nobody else gets to sit there?
> But if nobody else is there, how could they speak from there?

 Let Isaiah come to the rescue. In his vision of God sitting upon the throne,
 high and lifted up, he was aware of three SeRaPhiYM flying about and crying
 QaDhoSh QaDhoSh QaDhoSh.... One or other of them would be the FWNH APO TOU
 QRONOU, ktl. (Isaiah 6:1-4). One of them flew to Isaiah bearing an ember
 from the altar, saying, "Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity
 is taken away, and thy sin purged" (verse 7). The actual voice of the LORD
 comes im verse 8.

 Revelation 19:9-10 makes it clear that it is an angel talking with John,
 and not God Himself.

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