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> This does not really answer your question however, since I have not put
> forth an argument supporting the translation of THS PROFHTEIAS in
> Revelation 19:10 as the abstract "prophecy". I leave that to the
> experts who seem to be taking Sunday off from b-greek.

 Well, I'm not an "expert", but like many b-greekers, I do have a "Sunday-
 job" in Church! 8-)

 ISTM that in TO PNEUMA THS PROFHTEIAS we are dealing with a phrase, not
 with an article+noun. The /phrase/ is definite; THE [Spirit-of Prophecy].
 The Semitism of this phrase is glaringly obvious: RuWaCh-HaNNeBuW'aH was
 the phrase in the writer's mind -- "the Prophecy-Spirit". The definite
 article attaches to the noun in absolute state, not to the noun in construct
 state (which is where the English puts it).

 Compare also the normal noun+adjective combination TO PHEUMA TO hAGION.
 The Greek requires two definite articles, whereas English only requires one:
 "The Holy Spirit".

 I've said it before; a little knowledge of Classical Hebrew is a practical
 necessity for the interpretation of the Greek NT, whose writers (barring
 Dr Luke) were of a Semitic mind-set.

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