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From: Nicholas Corduan (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 11:58:12 EST


I apologize for posing a more professional than acadmically-oriented
question, but I thought this list might be a good resource. I hope the
question is not deemed inappropriate.

I am an undergraduate student (Junior year) pursuing a minor in Biblical
languages; after this sesmeter, I will have completed four semesters of
Greek. Prior to this year I had intended to go into archaeology, and had
had no difficulty finding internships related to that field. Over the
course of last summer, though, I decided that the direction I was more
suited for was actually going to be epigraphy, Biblical translation,
textual studies, or some other field related to ancient langauges. My
question, though, is this: are there any "internships" or other
training/exposure opportunities related to this career path?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Nick Corduan

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