Re: your mail

From: Carl William Conrad (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 08:05:38 EST

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Jim West wrote:

> Carl,
> I am again sorry that I have written inappropriately to the list- the
> several asides goaded me.
> Nevertheless, as I have never liked spam (the kind in the can or on the net)
> I will not again respond to such provocation.

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate it. Can you recall exactly where that "slick"
business appeared in a message? I'd like to follow up off-list to whoever
posted it. I wasn't really monitoring very closely the John 1:1 thread
until it was practically too late, and I guess it was somewhere in there.
The John 1:1 thing keeps coming back every two months or so and often
reaches a point of offended and offensive exchanges between JW's and
ultra-conservative orthodox people. It does seem ironic that peacekeeping
among a group of professed Christians (mostly) can occasionally become an
irksome business.

Regards, c

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