RE: politeia

From: Carl William Conrad (
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 11:16:08 EST

> Surely, there must be GREEK vocabulary that we could discuss that gives
> insight
> into motives, actions, attitudes, etc., in this regard. (What exactly,
> for example, is a
> "viper," to use a KJV word? Or, a hypocrite?)

You will find this last word employed in a compound in Romans 12:9:


and the original Attic Greek word from which that compound adjective
derives is hUPOKRITHS, the term for an actor in a play. I think the proper
English for Romans 12:9 is "Love should not be a matter of play-acting."

If we could substitute "civility" for "love" that might even make a
respectable motto for a discussion group like B-Greek.

And now, please, can we drop this thread? Please?

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