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Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 18:53:28 EST

On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, Andrew Kulikovsky wrote:

> > The Feb issue of Religious Studies News (the AAR/SBL rag) has a > >
feature > > article under the headline: "The Greatest Story Never Told:
Behind the > > Scenes at the Making of 'From Jesus to Christ,'" by L.
Michael White > > at the > > Univ. of Texas, Austin. The PBS series is the
dream of Marilyn > > Mellowes, a > > veteran producer at WGBH who was
committed to bringing the findings of > > NT > > scholarship to a public
audience. White agreed in 1995 to become the > > principal historical
consultant and editorial adviser. (Who he? He's > > Professor of Classics
at UTA and director of their new Religious > > Studies > > Program.) They
decided to let interviews with scholars carry the > > weight of > > the
story, including the disagreements and critical problems. Of the > >
scholars discussed here on CrossTalk, recognizable talking heads will > >
include J.D.Crossan, Paula Fredriksen, Helmut Koester and Elaine > >
Pagels, > > among others.

> [Andrew]
> Are there any interviews with DA Carson, Robert Stein, Scott
> McKnight, I Howard Marshall or Donald Hagner?
> I hope Marilyn Mellowes is really committed to bringing the
> findings of NT scholarship to the public and not just committed to
> bringing the findings of LIBERAL NT scholarship to the public.
So far as I know (and I've only briefly glanced at the Religious studies
News article, the answer is no. But this may be, not because there is a
liberal bias, but because, strictly speaking, the writings and
researches of the authors you'd like to see inteviewed deal more with
methodology of exegesis or commentating upon a cannonical text than the
hitsorical Jesus enterprise. With the possible exception of McKnight, and
despite the editorship of Marshall with McKnight of DJ&G, these extremely
competent NT scholars do not, to my knowledge, claim to be Historical
Jesus scholars.

Jeffrey Gibson

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