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Although I agree with you that the series seems to have focused on liberal
NT scholars, I generally find that posts that divide us up into liberals
and conservatives are not helpful, and using the term LIBERAL in all caps
is almost certain to provoke the kind of response that you got from Jim
West. I'm spending plenty of time asking the liberals to be fair to
conservatives (sometimes publically, more frequently in private), but I
also think that we conservatives should be careful to avoid baiting
liberals on b-greek.

I think that it was fine for Jeffrey to make an announcement that might be
of interest to lots of folks on B-Greek, even if conservatives might
disagree with the program. I think that your response was baiting.

Could you please help us calm things down, and also help us focus on Greek
language and texts?

In Him,


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>> The Feb issue of Religious Studies News (the AAR/SBL rag) has a
>> feature
>> article under the headline: "The Greatest Story Never Told: Behind the
>> Scenes at the Making of 'From Jesus to Christ,'" by L. Michael White
>> at the
>> Univ. of Texas, Austin. The PBS series is the dream of Marilyn
>> Mellowes, a
>> veteran producer at WGBH who was committed to bringing the findings of
>> NT
>> scholarship to a public audience. White agreed in 1995 to become the
>> principal historical consultant and editorial adviser. (Who he? He's
>> Professor of Classics at UTA and director of their new Religious
>> Studies
>> Program.) They decided to let interviews with scholars carry the
>> weight of
>> the story, including the disagreements and critical problems. Of the
>> scholars discussed here on CrossTalk, recognizable talking heads will
>> include J.D.Crossan, Paula Fredriksen, Helmut Koester and Elaine
>> Pagels,
>> among others.
> [Andrew]
> Are there any interviews with DA Carson, Robert Stein, Scott
>McKnight, I Howard Marshall or Donald Hagner?
> I hope Marilyn Mellowes is really committed to bringing the
>findings of NT scholarship to the public and not just committed to
>bringing the findings of LIBERAL NT scholarship to the public.
> cheers,
> Andrew
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